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Here is an up-to-date list of all the posts on this blog:

BTS Final Oral Exam (CCF): Example of Assessment Paper and Useful Expressions
Vocabulary Games:  General Vocabulary of Farming and Farm Equipment

A Future with Farmers TEDx Listening, Reading and Speaking Lesson

Talk About the News Using Past Simple: A Grammar in Context Lesson

2017 News quiz

2017 News and Words of the News: Speaking, Listening and Writing Activities

Superheroes and History (the Example of Captain America): Reading, Writing and Speaking Activities

TEDx Talk Listening, Grammar and Pronunciation Skills Lesson: How to Introduce Yourself, Present Perfect Progressive, Since and For 

Create a Quiz with Google Forms: Vocabulary, Writing and Reading Activity

Tractor Transmission: Mechanics Vocabulary Quiz

General Tractor Vocabulary Quiz

Analysing Superheroes: Speaking, Writing and Listening Activities 

Tractor Troubleshooting Vocabulary Speaking Lesson

Superheroes Web Quest: Reading, Writing and Board Game Activities 

Open Source Tractors: Listening, Reading and Speaking Activity 

Memorising Vocabulary Using Visual and Associative Memory

100+ Farm Machines and Tools French-English Vocabulary

How Recruiters Test your English: Speaking Activity

Building a Future with Farmers TEDx Listening

Right to Repair and Copyright Law: Listening, Reading and Writing Skills Practice

Tractor Buying Facts: Reading Activity and Oral Presentation Skills Practice

TEDx Oral Presentations Listening Skills

Tractor Troubleshooting Mechanical Vocabulary Listening 

Understanding the News: Dakota Access Pipeline Listening Activity.

Webquest: Native Americans in North Dakota

How to Fix Tractor Hydraulics: Listening Activity to Learn Mechanical English

Farming Parody Stars

Learning General Farming Vocabulary through Songs

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